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Here is our full range of beers.  To find out what is currently available check out our Store.


Saazy Blonde

4.4% ABV

This beer is available throughout the year but is ideal summer drinking and one to tempt lager drinkers into trying some proper beer!  Pale malt, together with caramalt and wheat malt, produce a straw-coloured beer.  Saaz hops from the Czech Republic provide minimal bitterness and a lovely aroma.


Anchor Pale Ale

4.8% ABV

A traditional English pale ale, made with pale malt, pale crystal malt, caramalt and wheat malt. Admiral hops provide gentle levels of bitterness as well as the citrusy aroma.


Lodona 1862

5.8% ABV

This series of American IPAs uses a range of popular US hops, such as Mosaic, Citra and Amarillo.  The malts are pale malt, pilsner malt and wheat malt, so as to allow the hops to do all the talking.  These US hops certainly pack a punch when it comes to aroma and flavour! 


Bosphorous 1875

5.6% ABV

This is dark ruby ale is based on a Victorian recipe for mild ale - from the days when 'mild' was not synonymous with low alcohol and a lack of flavour.  Pale, crystal and black malts give the rich, malty, slightly sweet flavour, with traditional English hops providing a relatively low level of bitterness.


Slavanka Export

11.7% ABV

This was brewed using a similar recipe to the Slavanka Special Reserve, but with chocolate malt replacing half of the black malt, reduced bitterness, and with no whisky oak. A Belgian ale yeast was used for the fermentation. The result is a strong, rich, dark, complex and slightly sweet imperial stout. 


Cascade Pale

4.9% ABV
This pale ale is brewed with predominantly pale malt, with just small amounts of caramalt and wheat malt.  American Cascade hops produce the bitterness, and then lashings of Cascade are used in the latter stages of the brewing process to produce a beer in the style of a West Coast IPA.


Green Hop Bitter

4.6% ABV

This seasonal beer is a traditional English bitter, made with fresh English hops grown in sunny Hull - Fuggles for bitterness and Challenger for aroma.  The grains are mainly pale malt, with some crystal and black malt for flavour and colour.


Double Anchor IPA

5.5% ABV

To complement the Anchor Pale Ale we've produced a Double Anchor version, in the style of a traditional India Pale Ale. The grains are pale and crystal malts, plus some oat malt for head retention and body.  A blend of traditional English hops produces high levels of bitterness.


Wilberforce Porter

5.0% ABV

We've previously brewed flavoured porters but it's back to basics with this one. It's based on a Victorian recipe, so there are no adjuncts; just loads of crystal, brown and chocolate malts, plus we've gone big on the oats and wheat to give it plenty of body and mouthfeel. English hops provide gentle levels of bitterness, so this one is all about the malts.


Avenues Pale Ale

4.4% ABV

This seasonal beer follows our Cascade Pale recipe but is brewed using fresh Fuggles and Challenger hops grown in the Avenues area of Hull.  The hops are picked and then go straight into the boiler, to give the beer a wonderful fresh aroma and flavour.


Larkin's Bitter

4.8% ABV

This is a traditional bitter, named after the poet Philip Larkin who created some of his greatest work whilst living in Hull.  It's brewed with pale and crystal malts and just a touch of chocolate malt for colour and flavour. Wheat malt and oat malt create a good head.  Traditional English hops are used for bittering and aroma.


Zoroaster 1818

5.5% ABV

This black IPA is brewed with significant quantities of brown and black malts, so you can expect a dark, rich, bitter, but smooth malty flavour. Amarillo, Citra and Mosaic hops are used to balance the malty, bitter flavours.


Slavanka 1873

7.5% ABV

An Imperial Russian Stout, based on a Victorian recipe - there's a clue to the Russian connection in the name. Brown, chocolate and black malts make up nearly half of the grain bill, so this is about as dark and rich as they come.  Traditional English hops produce high levels of bitterness.  The high ABV means it'll  continue to mature and keep for years.

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